Pages of Winter

I was driving along a stretch of open road in the middle of winter. I could see a snow-covered field from my window. It stretched off to the horizon where it mingled and faded into the light grey sky. As I drove on, I saw a tree by the roadside. It’s dark branches were bare and it stood out in sharp contrast to the white landscape. I felt drawn to this tree.

I slowed down, and pulled off to the side of the road in front of it. I got out of the car and clomped through the deep snow to the foot of the tree. On one of the branches nearest to me, I could see a tiny little bud. I cupped it delicately in my hand and watched as it blossomed into a white flower. I looked up at the tree and saw that it was covered in these tiny buds. The whole tree began to bloom with white flowers, softly fading the tree from my sight and blending it in with the snowy background.

I stood watching this, somewhat transfixed, when up a little ways across the road a black bear emerged from a snow drift, rearing up on its hind legs with a terrifying howl. I hurried back to the car. The tires struggled a little in the snow, but the car finally backed onto the road with a violent jerk. I put the car into drive, straightened the wheel, and continued on my way.


5 thoughts on “Pages of Winter

  1. I'm glad of it, Bryan. One could get a lot of meaning out of that dream. 'One' being the dreamer himself. Me, I'd have to daydream about it first.

    Being of a certain age where these things are indulged, I tend to nap in the afternoons (though there is no fixed time–I've even napped in the middle of the night, to add a little seasoning to the insomnia). During the initial hypnagogia, any thought suddenly transforms itself into something weird and deep.

    I look forward to the going-ahead!


  2. Freud talked about hypnogogia, and how abstract thoughts can transform into concrete images. Trying to remember a name can become ransacking a file room, and so on.

    I often have trouble falling asleep, and I typically drift off and come back a few times. I know I'm getting closer when my thoughts stop making any kind of real sense.


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