Scene from a Beach

I was standing on the beach.  It was 6:30 in the morning, but somehow life wasn’t catching up with this place until 8 AM.  Things had to be prepared.  We had to lay all the beach towels down.  We had to find just the right random scattering of people, just the right kids to chase each other with buckets of sand and water.  A precise number of seagulls were brought in trucks, and then released from their cages.  Finally, someone had to go up into the light house and turn this old metal crank that would put the sun exactly in the 8 o’clock position in the sky over the water.  So, everything was set; everyone was in their place.  I looked down at my pocket watch as the last seconds of 7:59 ticked by.  Everything was still.  Even the birds waited.  Then, the second that 8 o’clock arrived, it all slid silently into motion, and the elegant machinery of life continued along in its smooth, eternal waltz.


17 thoughts on “Scene from a Beach

  1. Collaborating with your subconscious behind your back, eh? In the courts it's known as plagiarism. But fear not, we are amongst friends here. I have a contract for you to sign re the royalty split. And another for you too, John, just in case.


  2. You can call me Froggy any time:))). Have you ever tried to train your dreams? Like lucid dreaming? I never got too far with it.
    This dream reminds me of a movie I have seen recently Called the Adjustment Bureau. It turned out to be a romantic thingy (which I don't much care for) but it was a Philip K Dick story and it had interesting elements to it, including the “people” or whoever they were, that got to adjust other folks lives when the “plan” changed. In this case they would be the people who dropped of the seagulls. It was interesting.


  3. I have had a few lucid dreams before, but I usually squandered the opportunity. Mostly I prefer to just let the dreams happen. If I wished for improvement, it would be in the area of recalling the dreams. Sometimes recalling them can extremely difficult, like there's just a little piece of hint of it and you have to try to drag it into your mind, but you have to be gentle of else the rest of it will break off and fall away into the dark. At least that's how it feels.

    And yes, I saw that movie too. I didn't care too much for the romantic angle either, but yeah it was fairly interesting. I can see how this dream would remind you of that.


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