Moving the Cosmic Levers

We moved into a new house.  The master bedroom was spacious and the entire ceiling was a huge domed skylight, giving the unmistakable impression of sleeping out in the open air.  Over by the mantelpiece there was a fairly large, rusty, contraption of levers.  The levers were marked “day”, “month”, etc.  They were heavy and hard to turn and I could feel gears inside the mechanism spinning in different directions as I slid the lever along its track.  Releasing the lever, it would pop up and lock into place.  I moved all of the levers to the proper settings, so that they matched with the current date,year, and time.

Once the mechanism was set, I turned and looked up towards the sky, somehow instinctively knowing that I would see the results of my manipulations there.  Nothing happened at first, but after a blink or two, I began to notice that the stars were moving, swimming, twirling, undulating even.  As it went on, it suggested music, although I heard nothing.  “Because there’s no sound in space!”, I reminded myself.  I just shook my head at the non-sequitur and smiled up at the orchestration of the stars.    


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