Musical Fences

I saw a commercial for it on TV.  It was this backyard fence that you could play the piano on.  The slats of the fence looked like alternating black and white piano keys, and they functioned as piano keys as well.  The woman in the commercial demonstrated the fence by playing this haunting piece of music, every note dropped like a soft star in an inky ocean of melancholy.

So I installed this fence in my own yard, hoping to compose my own masterpiece out of lazy days lounging around in the rain.  I lay back and let my toes play against the keys as my mind chased memories, ruminations.  I tried to channel all of this into the music and it began to build into a slow and insistent gallop.   The music reflected the chase itself, more than the things chased.  It built towards a crescendo.  But then it broke abruptly, like life.  I had been distracted, frustrated, and it was all lost.


9 thoughts on “Musical Fences

  1. Thanks Cindy. Like your story about seeing a piano player playing extraordinarily and then having the spell broken in a fit of sudden erratic behavior. I can see how that fits with the post here.

    For me, the dream seem to be about my own perpetual struggle to come up with a good idea for a novel, a struggle that I've recently returned to. I think about when I'm falling asleep and just as I'm drifting off sometimes it'll all come together for just a second. Then I'll think “That's it!” but as I do that then it's gone.

    Of course, then my wife read this post and she said she didn't get that out of it at all, so who knows?

    A lot of these dreams I don't myself what they mean. Some of them I have a personal insight into, of course. Some of them I wonder what they mean – if they mean anything at all. And finally, some of them I just find kind of enchanting and I'm satisfied to just let them be what they are. Those are my favorite ones 😉


  2. Yuck, sorry for taking up your space & time with my icky comments. On a cell phone it's hard for me to tell how much I've rambled. I finally figured out how to delete myself! Isn't that wonderful? 🙂
    Thank you for being tolerant & nice, Bryan.


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