My friends had a son that really loved video games. They had a little area set up over in the corner of the room with a small TV and some shelves to keep all of his games on. The kid would spend hours sitting over there on the floor playing his games. He spent so much time over there, in fact, that his parents didn’t notice for quite some time that he had died sitting there facing the screen.

He sat there for several weeks, rotting away. His skin began to turn green. The features of his face began to droop and run and flake and even ooze off everywhere in a very unsightly manner. Flies had even begun to buzz about him, settling unperturbed on his arms and the back of his neck. The game controller lay loose in his hands and the bones of his fingers and knuckles were starting to show through where the flesh had rotted off.

Finally his father stopped by to give the kid’s head an affectionate tousled. This caused the boy’s jaw to unhinge and fall to the floor in front of him. As the father pulled his hand back loose clumps of hair came with it and the body pitched forward limply. At that point, I imagine he began to suspect that something might be wrong.


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