Natural Resource

My wife and I were scientists on a research expedition in the Arctic.  In our explorations we came across an incredible phenomenon deep in the recesses of a crystalline cave.  A long icy tunnel terminated in a rounded chamber, which housed a sort of natural spring, not of steam or water, but of electricity.  Brilliant blue lightning coiled up from the hole and swam about the circumference of the chamber like crackling fish.  We stood there awe-stricken in the cool blue glow.

More teams came along, and further testing was done, and it was found that this spring was a nearly inexhaustible source of electric power.  Someone dubbed it “The Light of the World”, and the media got a hold of the name and ran with it.  A treaty was signed by all nations on Earth to share this spring.  The wars were over.  The guns were put away.  My wife’s name and mine were marked down in the history books.

Then, long after we were gone and the ages had passed, the blue lightning flickered.  Just one little flicker for the fraction of a second, that’s all it took to get their attention.  They knew the spring was going to run out.  All the world’s power plants had long since been abandoned and crumbled into nothing but dust.  And even the knowledge required to build such a plant had been lost over the generations.  No one knew what to do.  They stood around the flickering blue light and scratched their heads.


6 thoughts on “Natural Resource

  1. Oh, I have plenty of “burnt toast” dreams as well. I usually have to sift through a lot of crap to find anything good. The funny thing is that sometimes something will seem like a “burnt toast” dream, and I'll be on the verge of mentally discarding it, and then I'll see some kind of angle to write about it.


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