Routes to Work

I was working a new job, and on my coffee break I got to talking to this woman I worked with about different routes we took to get to the office in the morning. I hissed and made a face when she mentioned the way that she went, because I knew that it involved driving down a very steep incline along a narrow set of metal pipes and there was a sharp turn at an elbow pipe junction just at the bottom of this incline.  I told her about the way I took, which was a little less tricky, although you had to go all the way around a complete vertical loop and you could fall at the top if you didn’t have enough momentum.

As we were having this conversation, I was picturing all these different ways and routes in my head.  I could see it clearly, but then in my mind’s eye I pulled back from the scene and I could see that it was all just a lonely little playground with scattered patches of thawed snow among the wet leaves.  The pipes and rusted bars that made up our routes were part of the swing set and the merry-go-round and the rest of the playground equipment.  The cars that we had driven to work were just die-cast toys in the hands of little kids in woolen winter hats, their noses running as they made revving noises with their lips and pushed the cars along.


13 thoughts on “Routes to Work

  1. This one really gets to me. I've been back here at least 10 times to read it since Thursday. Something about your imagery of the road we travel and how we get to where we are going is so sad and lonesome. Runny noses and chilly dark days don't bother us so much when we're kids. We pushed right on singing inside. The world was a good place to be. It's just a matter of being and feeling of belonging and we belong right where we are when we are kids. Time had no meaning then. I bet you used to sit there with your little cars for an hour or more just feeling the sun and smelling the air. Life is so sweet to our 5 senses when we're kids. Then the further up the road we go it all just flies out the car window. But we just keep on going like you said. Looking for better routes to get us toward tomorrow.



  2. My brothers did too. They had a lot of them. I just had one baby doll and one barbie so I wasn't much help in colonizing Mars with them.
    Oh hey, that reminds me… have you seen 'The Martain' yet?


  3. No, I haven't seen it. I'd like to. I take it that you're recommending it. There was a big announcement the other day about them finding water on Mars. I think that's what it was. My focus on the news is very peripheral.


  4. Some blog, it was Scott Adams' Dilbert Daily Strip I think, was saying they're doing all this publicity about Mars to persuade lunatics to volunteer for the one-way trip – which is a real thing.


  5. I had an idea about these gem-like little dream stories, of how they might be published & earn something: as collectible objects, you know, the way people collect beermats. When I was a six-year-old, I discovered in a local playground that other boys had collections of cigarette cards. they were swappable and indeed I got a fountain pen for Christmas which to the dismay of my parents I swapped for some good collections of cigarette cards, marbles and other attractive items. by a skilful child crook.

    At that time several cigarette companies supplied a little card in each packet and you could build up a set: – famous footballers, cricketers, badges, wild animals and so on. Fathers and mothers would be pressured to buy them instead of other brands, just as Kellogg had cut-out things printed on the back of cornflakes.

    So I had the idea of a dream-story printed on something. A paper napkin would be ideal, that would draw people – adults this time – to that particular chain of eateries. the author would receive a monthly cheque. Other chains would try to imitate, without success.


  6. No. Was just curious if you had seen it. We wanted to see it last night but it was sold out. Aint much of one for crowded theaters anyway, so no biggy.


  7. Hey, just wrote a new post I'll have up later today. It probably sounds confusing to say that I can't post it now because I don't have internet access, since I'm using the internet to say that, but that happens to be the long and short of it.


  8. I shouldn't say this, but I wish that creepy Cyrus family would go live on Mars. It scares me how they claim they have such a close connection to nature and I've been having vibes that they're going to start some unnatural insane mission that will be its final demise. The feeling keeps getting more intense. Last night I had a nightmare about it even. They scare the h3ll out of me. I'm serious.


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