This blog is a dream journal in the sense that the pieces posted here are based on actual dreams that I’ve had in my sleep, and the narrative details of these pieces generally reflect the actual details of those actual dreams. However, unlike many other dream journalists that I’ve encountered, I set down my dreams more with the eye of a storyteller than that of a accurate reporter. This means on the one hand that, yes, I sometimes smooth over the rough edges in some places while occasionally embellishing in others the sights, the sounds, the feelings, and even the smells the dream might have were it to occupy a firmer place in reality. It means that I try my best to write about the dream as though I’m describing something of real substance that happened in waking life. But more than that even, it means that I try to tell the story of the dream, rather than just the bare details of it. I try to bring to the telling of a dream that fundamental characteristic that makes a story a story: that implicit sense that the narrator is telling you all this for a reason, the sense that some secret has been whispered, some feeling expressed, some gesture made. That’s what makes all the difference.