Resting in the Fields

I was living out of an old van.  Most of the time I kept it parked in an open wheat field, and in the evenings I would sit with the doors open and let the breeze blow through as I listened to my programs on a little TV that I had set up on some wooden crates.  I had to listen to the shows instead of watching them because the picture tube was blown out on the TV.  Somehow it was better that way.  There was a drama that was set in a hospital that I especially liked.  I would sit back with my eyes half closed, seeing the scenes in my head and getting a glimpse between my fluttering eyelids of the golden waves of evening light rustling out there in the wheat with each passing breeze.  My friend would come by sometimes with a few cans of food to cook over the fire after the sun went down, and he would find me there in the back of the van, smiling and about to doze off.


6 thoughts on “Resting in the Fields

  1. I like this especially for being a perfectly valid vignette of downsizing or weaning oneself away from the excesses of modern materialistic civilization which hardly gives us the choice to opt out of its ratcheting-up cycle of production and consumption.

    And your story reminds me that I'm eagerly awaiting the DVD of The Lady in the Van starring Maggie Smith, though it doubtless has scant connection to your dream-idyll.

    Which though perfectly feasible in real life as well as vividly imagined in your vignette, probably wouldn't be idyllic at all.


  2. Maggie Smith in a role suiting her age and acerbic persona, Alan Bennett as author and character in the true story, played by two actors portraying his inner dialogue . . . perhaps one has to be English.

    Er, which one did you mean by “that”?


  3. Ha! I thought of that when I wrote this. I remember walking around saying that for weeks after I saw one those sketches.

    “You're gonna find as you go out there that most of you are not going to amount to JACK SQUAT!” *belly flop* *smashes tables*


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