Grandfather Clock

My wife and I were driving along a country road with wide open fields on either side. It was late in the evening and there was a storm in the distance. A fog hung over the landscape diffusing the lightning as it flashed in shades of blue and gold along the edges of the horizon […]

The Right Bar

My daughter called me one night from the bar. I could tell from her drawn out words and the insistent way that she was talking that she’d had a couple of drinks. I could almost hear her leaning in and poking at the air with her finger to punctuate her sentences. Luckily, I could hear […]

Hidden Track

Late one night, I stayed up listening to some music. I was leaning my elbows against the upstairs railing, looking down into the lamplit study in the open area below me. The album was playing on the stereo in the study, but I liked to listen from up above, because I liked the acoustics and […]

The Ruins

I was wandering around an abandoned neighborhood. There were whole streets lined with empty houses, the rotten boards cracked and splintered and caved in on sagging porches, the glass broken out in front windows that showed nothing but blackness inside. There was a gas station with weeds growing in the cracks in the pavement around […]

A Tree out Back

There was a massive tree in my back yard. The trunk was a good ten feet around, and the nobby knuckles of its roots filled almost the entire yard. The bark was smooth and white, hard like sinews of muscle and bleached bone, nicked here and there with deep black cuts and dark red notches. […]